Behind the Mission of Wearsos: The Three Pillars Shaping Our Future

Behind the Mission of Wearsos: The Three Pillars Shaping Our Future

What are Wearsos' "Three Pillars" 

Wearsos is a business that is on a mission to make change not just in Turrialba, but in the world. Our work is guided by three main principles: Rural Economic Activation, Educational Initiatives, and Waste Reduction.

Pillar 1: Rural Economic Activation

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As we often say, "Costa Rica doesn't lack talent; it lacks opportunity.” 

Communities matter, and so do the people within them. Wearsos is more than a brand; it's a force for positive change in marginalized areas of Costa Rica. We're dedicated to providing employment opportunities that empower individuals, especially women, to acquire new skills and improve their livelihoods. When you support Wearsos, you're not just buying a product; you're creating opportunities for artisans in Turrialba, Costa Rica, by offering them stable and long-term employment. By supporting Wearsos, you contribute to safe, ethical, and reliable employment opportunities in rural areas, empowering men and women with personal and professional skills.

From the News: Destruction of jobs: Women bear the brunt

You can learn more about our eight incredible artisans here: Meet our Artists.

Pillar 2: Supporting Educational Spaces

English Class at Wearsos

We believe in the power of education to transform lives, which is why it is one of our three pillars. We support educational spaces using two distinct methods: 1) training our artisans and offering them empowerment opportunities, and 2) through community engagement and sharing our story with school and university groups.
Our commitment to creating positive change helps us provide educational initiatives, as well as opportunities for personal and professional development. Through our partnerships, we strive to empower individuals, especially women, in the rural community of Turrialba. All of our artisans go through a skills training program when they first join our team, which is led by our teacher Coco, who has 30 years of leather-working experience. Through this program, our artisans start by learning the basics, such as how to safely use a sewing machine, and progress to more advanced skills, such as creating complicated bags and designs. This educational initiative has proven very successful, as many of our artisans began with no sewing skills, but are now proficient sewers.
In addition to skills training, we aim to educate our staff on personal development and empowerment. Led by a certified psychologist, Dr. Laura Yure, our programming is delivered through both 1-on-1 sessions and team building workshops.

At Wearsos, we view education as a tool for achieving a more sustainable and equitable future. In addition to educating women artisans through our training programs, we also seek to spread Wearsos’ mission through education initiatives with students from around the world, who are the future generation of change-makers. Here are a few highlights of our educational initiatives

  • Through our partnership with Abilene Christian University, we've engaged with students learning through real-world sustainability consulting experiences in Costa Rica.
  • We have engaged with students from Verto Education, an innovative experiential learning opportunity for first-year university students, through focus groups and also in-person workshops and presentations.
  • Wearsos has been able to speak with hundreds of young students, future change makers, at various events across Canada, The US and Costa Rica.

Read more about our partnership with Abilene University here: Repurposed Leather From Southwest Airlines Becomes Symbol Of Hope For Costa Rican Village

Pillar 3: Waste Reduction

The global fashion industry poses a considerable threat to our environment, with fast fashion contributing to widespread textile waste that negatively impacts landfills and ecosystems worldwide. At Wearsos, our unwavering dedication lies in championing sustainable practices and actively reducing waste in the fashion landscape. Join us in our mission to create a positive impact on the planet through responsible and eco-friendly fashion choices.

One of the key components of our mission is upcycling. Unlike recycling, which breaks down materials into their base components, upcycling is about transforming waste into something new of higher value. Through our partnership with the Southwest Airlines ‘Repurpose with Purpose’ Global Sustainability Initiative, we actively upcycle leather airline seats into fashionable and high-quality accessories.

By upcycling the leather, we not only give these materials a second life but divert thousands of pounds of waste from the landfill. Our dedication to turning these materials into high-quality, innovative products reflects our mission to create fashion with a purpose, making a positive impact on both style and sustainability.

Every purchase you make helps women in Turrialba learn leather-working and entrepreneurship skills, and foster an environment where knowledge thrives and possibilities expand.

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