Meet the Team

The Heart of Wearsos



As a co-founder of Wearsos, Lynne is able to address her passions for rural development and environmental sustainability through fashion, which has been a lifelong interest. She is a graduate from the International Development Studies co-op Program at the University of Toronto, where she learned skills in project management, enabling her to start Wearsos. She is originally from Canada, but her heart and home are now in Turrialba, Costa Rica. 


As the other co-founder of Wearsos, Christian channels his passion for storytelling to ignite real social change within the community of Turrialba. Having immigrated to Costa Rica at a young age with his family, Christian is propelled by the vision of a brighter future for all. His expertise in digital marketing, combined with an unwavering commitment to meaningful change, serves as a catalyst for collective progress.


At the age of 40, Karo’s mom suggested that she try out painting. Despite never painting before in her life, Karo decided to try it out, and she quickly discovered that she had a true gift. Since that day, art has become Karo’s true passion, leading her to paint countless murals across Costa Rica and beyond. At Wearsos, Karo is able to express her creativity through our Handpainted Collection. 


Carol has been with Wearsos since day #1! Over time, she has become an incredibly talented sewer and is now the manager of our workshop. Carol is the proud mother of three boys, proudly saying that they are her greatest joy. She has the biggest smile, and she treats everyone she meets with kindness that comes directly from her heart.


Ines is our oldest employee, but she exudes spunk and fire. Although there is an easy bus route from her home to Wearsos, she chooses to hike a 2 km hill, stating that this is what keeps her in such great shape. Every day, Ines is a constant source of energy and support for the Wearsos team. In her free time, Ines enjoys modeling and performing as a clown at children's Birthday Parties.


From styling hair to doing manicures and upcycling bags, Jenni has many incredible talents. Before joining the Wearsos team, Jenni worked as a stylist, and she continues to share her skills by frequently doing her co-workers' hair and makeup after work. She enjoys working Wearsos, as it allows her to improve her sewing skills, while providing a better life for her son. 


Jo is a passionate animal enthusiast, and her family owns eight cats, four dogs, and a fluttering squad of hundreds of insects. At Wearsos, Jo is learning new skills in sewing and art. When she's not stitching up a storm for Wearsos, you'll find her crafting jewelry from recycled butterfly wings from her family's butterfly farm. 


Jonatan’s uncle taught him how to sew at a young age, and ever since, he has strived for excellence in his craft. Jonatan loves pursuing roles that challenge him to learn and grow, and serving as Wearsos’ sewing instructor has provided him with this opportunity. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time in nature with his family.


At Wearsos, everyone calls Tere “Abuela” which means “grandma” because of her giving nature and warm heart. She often brings delicious food for our team, ranging from banana bread to homemade popsicles. She enjoys using her creativity to create new designs, some of which can now be purchased through the Made by Teresa Collection. 


Tess is an expert in all things fashion, photography, and cool vibes. On just her 5th day at Wearsos, she planned a 10-hour photoshoot with 8 models, professional hair and makeup, and professional lighting. These photos, along with her amazing writing, can be found all over Wearsos’ website and social media.


Wearsos is forever grateful to have Gabi as our accountant. With an incredible attention to detail and the biggest heart, Gabi consistently keeps Wearsos on track. Since graduating from the University of Costa Rica with a degree in accounting, her professional journey has been focused on businesses that align with her values of integrity and ethics.