Our Story

Discover the inspiring journey of Wearsos, a trailblazing sustainable fashion brand. Learn about our mission to merge style with social consciousness, our partnership with Southwest Airlines® ‘Repurpose with Purpose’, and our commitment to upcycling and environmental stewardship. Explore how Wearsos is crafting a better future through innovative fashion, reducing waste, and empowering communities.

Our Story

The Wearsos Journey

At Wearsos, our mission, vision, and values drive our purpose and define our commitment to the community of Turrialba. At Wearsos, we prioritize meaningful relationships, uphold responsibility for our planet, pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship, embrace continual innovation, and believe in the strength of unity for positive change. On this page you can find our mission and value statements, and the values that guide our organization. 

The Wearsos Story

How it Began

In 2019, Lynne Corvaglia was completing an internship at the The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Turrialba, Costa Rica, which connected her with many women entrepreneurs throughout the region. This experience made her aware of the harsh realities of gender inequality in Turrialba. Inspired by a vision to create alternative economic opportunities, Lynne, along with her husband Christian Riquelme, seized the chance presented by Southwest Airlines®' Repurpose with Purpose Program. The result? Wearsos, a social enterprise aimed at upcycling goods to empower, educate, and employ women.

Navigating a journey spanning many years, the duo has faced many challenges and set backs. Despite these, Wearsos is now making remarkable social impacts in the community of Turrialba. The story of Wearsos is a testament to resilience, turning challenges into opportunities, and a commitment to empowering communities through sustainable practices.