Connecting Hearts and Hands: A Day of Community and Purpose with Wearsos in Mollejones

Connecting Hearts and Hands: A Day of Community and Purpose with Wearsos in Mollejones


At Wearsos, we thrive on the unique harmony of two distinct communities – Mollejones and Turrialba. In the rural community of Mollejones, individuals engage in the essential task of disarming and cleaning seats, while in Turrialba, a small town, seven full-time artisans transform the leather into high-quality bags and accessories. On February 7, our team of Wearsos artisans embarked on a journey to Mollejones for a team-building day that turned out to be far more than just a day of work.

The Heart of Wearsos - Mollejones Community

Photo of the group at the mollejones community center

Mollejones, with its tight-knit community of around 100 people, is the heartbeat of Wearsos. Here, approximately 20 individuals work part-time, balancing their responsibilities as subsistence farmers with the flexible task of disarming and cleaning the airline seats, prepping the leather for use. Wearsos artisan, Johanna is from this community, and she was eager to introduce her colleagues to the community she calls home. The Wearsos team, set out for Mollejones. It was a day that promised not just work but a unique blend of cultural exchange and heartfelt connections.


Butterly Tourism in Costa Rica

Our first stop awaited at Johanna's family butterfly farm or “mariposario”, where the production of chrysalis for butterfly conservatories worldwide was in full swing. This experience shed light on the community's dedication to environmental conservation – a cause close to our hearts. If you are interested in visiting the Hogar de Mariposas, check out the Rural Experience Tour by Exploranatura that includes a tour to the marioposario, and other stops in Mollejones. 

A Cultural Exchange

Disarming the leather airline seats

After the butterfly tour, we moved to the Mollejones community center, where, with the support of Southwest Airlines, the seats are disarmed and cleaned. The Turrialba artisans joined the Mollejones community in the difficult task of disarming the seats. It was a task that some many found even more challenging than sewing bags. The Mollejones community welcomed us with open arms, and the day culminated in a delightful meal prepared by our gracious hosts.

After lunch, the day took an emotional turn, as the community put on a heartfelt presentation. Children walked across the community holding  torches, as they played beautiful music for us. It was a moment of pure beauty and connection, showcasing the heart and soul of Mollejones. This presentation represented the hope that this project provides for the children of Mollejones and Turrialba. 

Culinary Delights and Traditions

Our journey continued to Mollejones community member, Laura's home, where we delved into the art of making traditional Costa Rican bread. Cooked in a large metal barrel, Laura explained that this method imparted a unique flavor to the bread – a reflection of the rich traditions woven into everyday life in Mollejones. If you are interested in visiting Laura's home and learning to make traditional Costa Rican bread (while experiencing a beautiful and mountainous scenery), Retus Tours offers incredible tours of Mollejones. 


Watching a performance at Mollejones

This team-building day was more than just a series of activities; it was an immersion into the heart of Wearsos. Filled with love, connection, and a deep sense of purpose, it strengthened our bond with the Repurpose with Purpose Program and the broader Wearsos project.

As we continue to explore the intersection of community, sustainability, and craftsmanship, we invite you to join us in celebrating the heartwarming connections that make Wearsos more than just a brand – it's a family, united by purpose.

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