Wearsos Family Day Soars High at San Jose Airport

Wearsos Family Day Soars High at San Jose Airport

Story Time! 

Visit to the San Jose Airport

The Wearsos Team took a break from the usual busyness of the workshop to embark on a thrilling adventure - the first-ever Wearsos Family Day at the San Jose International Airport. On Wednesday, January 26, a total of 25 people, comprising 10 Wearsos staff and 15 of their family members, gathered for a day of team-building and fun. 

Out of the 25 people on the trip, only 6 had ever been to an airport! At the crack of dawn, we gathered at our workshop in Turrialba and began the long drive to San Jose. Everyone was so excited and ready for an adventure that would forever change our understanding of air travel.

Real-Life Security

Once we arrived at the airport, the first thing that we had to do was go through security. This routine experience for travellers, was a novel adventure for our team. As we took off our shoes and put our belongings the conveyor belt, we were all eagerly anticipating what would come next. The security checkpoint unfolded as an educational experience, providing our staff and their families with a firsthand glimpse into the meticulous procedures that ensure the safety of air travel. This introduction not only demystified the airport security process but also added an added element of excitement to our Wearsos Family Day. 

Aboard a Real-Life Southwest Airplane

On a Southwest Airlines Airplane

The most exciting moment of the day was, without a doubt, the moment that we boarded a real Southwest Airlines® airplane. The children (and adults) marvelled at the aircraft's features, particularly the renowned Southwest Airline seats. For our team, who spend their days’ upcycling the airline's leather, it was a unique opportunity to see the material in its original state. One child amusingly noted that the airplane's bathroom was the tiniest he had ever seen. 

Kids and adults alike all pretended to be pilots as they explored the cockpit. They remarked at how many buttons there were! 


Sewers visiting Southwest Airlines Pilots

After we left the airplane, we had the chance to meet the pilots and flight attendants, and they agreed to take a photo with us! 

We then stayed in the airport, so that we could see it take-off. Another highlight of the day was definitely when one of the pilots waved at us from the cockpit. The experience left a lasting impression on both children and adults! 

Valuable Insights from SJO Staff

A break with southwest airlines employees

Post-adventure, our team ate donuts with the SJO staff. During this time, we spoke with the Southwest Airline staff, who provided insights about what it is really like to work at an airport. They shared stories about how they got involved with aviation and all emphasized the importance of studying and learning English, which aligned perfectly with Wearsos' dedication to education. 

Thank you to Monica!

Special thanks to Monica, the Southwest coordinator at SJO airport, whose seamless organization ensured a smooth and unforgettable tour. This tour took weeks of diligent planning, countless pieces of paper work, and a lot of love and care. Her expertise allowed our team to navigate the airport with ease.

A Day to Remember

Family in the cock pit

Wearsos Family Day at the Airport was more than an outing; it was an inspirational experience that helped us to feel closer as a team!

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