Made to Order

At Wearsos, we believe in turning your imagination into reality. Our Made-to-Order service is all about bringing your unique visions to life. Whether you're dreaming of a custom hand-painted accessory or envisioning branded products for corporate gifting, Wearsos is your creative partner in crafting the perfect product.

What is Made-to-Order?

Made-to-order means that you take the lead in shaping your creation. It's a personalized approach to production, where your ideas and preferences guide the crafting of the final product. Unlike mass production, we initiate the made-to-order creation process only when you place an order, ensuring each item is meticulously tailored to your specifications.

This deliberate approach actively opposes the pitfalls of fast fashion and the associated environmental and social harms. By steering away from the rapid turnover of styles, made-to-order not only caters to your unique desires but also champions sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Your choice for made-to-order is a conscientious step towards a more responsible and thoughtful way of enjoying personalized fashion.

What is Slow Fashion?

In the realm of fashion, Wearsos proudly aligns itself with the principles of slow fashion. It's not just about clothing; it's a movement towards sustainability, ethical practices, and a more deliberate production cycle. Slow fashion embraces environmental responsibility, fair labor practices, prioritizing quality over quantity, supporting local artisans, and promoting transparency in every step of the production process.

Key Principles of Slow Fashion and Made to Order

Sustainability: We prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable practices from raw material sourcing to distribution.

Ethical Production: Our commitment to fair labor practices ensures humane working conditions, fair wages, and safe environments for all involved in the production process. Wearsos doesn’t only provide employment and income to our employees, but we actively create empowerment spaces and offer educational opportunities to our staff. 

Quality over Quantity: Slow fashion encourages investing in high-quality, durable items designed for longevity, reducing the disposable nature of fast-fashion. One of Wearsos key pillars is waste reduction, thus we strive to ensure that our products are high quality and made to last.

Transparency: Wearsos is dedicated to transparency. We provide you with insights into the origins of materials, our manufacturing process, and the social and environmental impact of our products.

The Process of a Made-to-Order Product

From the moment you share your product idea with us, you become an integral part of the creative process. Our skilled designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Throughout production, we'll ensure that you're engaged and excited as your custom piece takes shape.

Impact Beyond Style

Every made-to-order purchase from Wearsos contributes to meaningful impact. It not only fulfills your creative desires but also plays a role in empowering women in rural Costa Rica. Your choice actively supports our commitment to waste reduction, fostering a healthier society and environment for all.

Thank you for choosing Wearsos for your made-to-order creations, where imagination meets craftsmanship with purpose.