Teresa's Orange Reversible Cloud Checker Tote

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Add a pop of color to your style with Teresa's Cloud Checker Tote – a durable and versatile accessory designed by our artisan, Teresa. Made from ELeather and vinyl, this fashionable tote is perfect for your daily adventures.
  • Size: 14" (L) x 4" (W) x 13" (H)
  • Weight:  400g
  • Material: Durable ELeather and Vinyl
  • Strap Length: 24"
  • Made from water-resistant ELeather and Vinyl 
  • Durable construction and stylish design
  • Easy-to-carry handle for convenience 
  • Reversible
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Ethically made in Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Comfortable & practical design

Upcycled water resistant ELeather

Wear and Care Instructions

Wear and Care Instructions

Wear and Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your bag, please follow these wear and care instructions: 

  • Keep it Dry: While Wearsos bags are crafted from water-resistant ELeather, it's crucial to keep them dry, especially between uses. Also, avoid exposing the bag to prolonged periods of rain or moisture.
  • Immediate Stain Removal: If you find a stain or mark on your bag, it is important to act promptly, as the sooner you address the stain, the easier it will be to remove. Use a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to gently clean the affected area.
  • Leather Conditioning:  Periodically apply a high-quality leather conditioner to keep your ELeather looking youthful and vibrant. Refer to the Forbes guide to Best Leather Cleaners and Conditioners of 2024 for recommended products.
  • Storage: Store your belt bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it may cause fading or discolouration.
  •  Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the bag regularly, removing dust and debris. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the ELeather.
  • Avoid Overloading: While our ELeather is durable, avoid overloading the bag with excessive weight to maintain its shape and structural integrity.
Delivery and Shipping

Delivery and Shipping

We are delighted to offer international shipping through our partnership with DHL, a global leader in logistics. DHL ensures a seamless and reliable delivery to our customers worldwide. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout and range depending on the size of the item, the number of items, and location. Wearsos offers local shipping services through Correos de Costa Rica, and the shipping fees for local orders generally range from $6 to $10 USD.
Read more at our Shipping and Delivery Page

You can find our Refund and Return Policy on our FAQ Page: FAQ Page

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From the community
From the community

"This bag goes with me everywhere- no joke! It has been the perfect travel companion, and I especially appreciate the size of it, as it fits my obnoxiously large phone, keys, wallet and AirPods. Also, knowing that my purchase goes towards building a better future for women in rural Costa Rica makes me smile every time I see it."

Tess M, 2023
From the community

"My Wearsos tote bag is so unique and stylish, and it quickly became my go-to work bag! It fits my laptop perfectly, as it is not too big or too small. I also love that my cellphone is easy to access as I can store it in the convenient inner zippered pocket."

Kimberly A, 2024
From the community

I love my new backpack! It is the perfect size, and the design fits any occasion. It also has bottle holders, which I love. I can take it to work or even to my outdoor activities. The texture is also so smooth. Thanks, Wearsos!! I love my first purchase

Syl A, 2023
From the community

"The tote bag is wonderful, both stylish and convenient, I use it all the time! I get asked all the time where it comes from and people are amazed when I tell them it was made from upcycled plane seats."

Hadrien, 2024
From the community

"My Wearsos tote is, without a doubt, my favourite bag! As someone who is often looking for my keys and phone, I love that there is a key clip and pocket that perfectly fits my phone (this has been a lifesaver, truly)!"

Amber M, 2024